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about CFS

The Clean Fuel Screen Company (CFS co.) is a leading innovator in the maintenance of fuel in vehicle fuel delivery systems with its flagship product in the Clean Fuel Screen. With highly sensitive components within every fuel delivery system, many advances have been made in the attempt to maximize the life and performance of these components, from fuel additives and detergents to in-line filtration. However, the problem of these systems and/or components failing due to improper maintenance resulting from fuel contaminants and particulates continues at a high cost of time and/or money for replacement to the user. Independent studies have shown that fuel system replacement (in part) ranks in the top 10 in most frequently replaced vehicle parts and systems.

CFS products provide the end user the ability to effectively and easily maintain their vehicle’s designed performance through pre-tank filters designed to meet the needs and requirements set forth by vehicle manufactures and government agencies. Because these filters are located outside of the vehicle fuel system (current filters are “in-line” and require basic to advanced mechanic knowledge to maintain) inspection and replacement are as simple as changing an AA battery.

about the owner

President & CEO

Ernest Washington

Ernest Washington has 61 years experience as an expert in the field of auto mechanics, 54 years in an ownership role. His contracts have included private and government contracts as well as general consumer service. He has 20 years in US military automotive and aviation experience and has worked for multiple government agencies. Ernest Washington is a retired US Army 2 tour Vietnam Veteran.