2 Car Pack Clean Fuel Screen Filter


This item will be released at a future date.


In order to prevent particulates from damaging sensitive fuel components, you must prevent the particulates from entering the fuel system before they are introduced to the vehicle. As the average consumer does not have the ability to control the refining, transportation, and storage process… The Clean Fuel Screen Company has developed the next best thing, the Clean Fuel Screen Filter.

This simple device is inserted into the fuel inlet where an individual adds fuel to the vehicles fuel tank. The filter itself has been engineered to meet all of the evap and auto-shutoff valve specifications. Meaning there is no expensive modifications that need to be done to enable a vehicle to utilize the Clean Fuel Screen Filter.

Once the filter is securely in place, the user adds fuel as they normally would, however, with the added protection of the fine micron filtration used by the Clean Fuel Screen Filter, the driver can be confident that their vehicle has the greatest secondary fuel system protection on the market.